BBQ Sauces Are Gluten Free?

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Friends barbecue in a Torrance, CA, backyard.As you’re gearing up for barbecue season, you’re probably researching the best rubs and sauces for your favorite grilling meats. You want to be able to invite and include all of your friends and family in this summer ritual. However, more and more people have special dietary considerations. One major precaution some people must take is to avoid gluten-containing foods and ingredients. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. In a nutshell, this basically means no regular bread or beer for your gluten-free buddies. Gluten has a way of sneaking into a lot of things you wouldn’t suspect, like barbecue sauce. If you have a friend with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity who you plan to invite to your BBQ in Torrance, CA, then here are a few tried and true gluten-free sauces that we have found to be popular in the gluten-free community.


All Stubbs sauces are now gluten free. Not only can you enjoy a variety of flavors, but also you can be sure they are safe to eat.

Sweet Baby Ray’s

This sauce is available in many stores across the United States. It also comes in an array of flavors from sweet and tangy to spicy and smoky.

Bullseye Original

The original recipe for this sauce doesn’t have any gluten-containing ingredients and can also be found in most grocery chains.

Although these sauces are advertised to be gluten free, we recommend that you check ingredients and read labels to be sure that there is nothing in the sauce that could make anyone with gluten sensitivities sick. Some people may question whether modified food starch could be wheat or another gluten containing ingredient. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration requires companies to specify if a food starch additive is manufactured from or with wheat, barley, rye, etc.The word ‘gluten free’ is pictured.

So, if you see this ingredient listed on your BBQ sauce in Torrance, CA, it’s probably made from corn or potato starch and is safe for gluten-free eaters. If you have any doubt or questions at all about the ingredients listed on any product, we encourage you to call the company directly and speak with them about the ingredients and manufacturing process they use.

A backyard grilling party or a barbecue at the park is always more fun when everyone can be included. Although we have listed a few gluten-free sauce options, your best bet is to give your friends and family that have gluten sensitivity a call and ask what sauce they use and enjoy.

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