Best Pool Supplies to Have at Home for Competitive Swimmers

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Beautiful woman with cap and glasses inside pool smilingSwimming is not only a fun pastime, but a challenging sport for young and old. If you are a competitive swimmer, then there are some essential pool supplies in Torrance, CA that you will need to train effectively. At ABC Pool & Patio, we recommend these 10 pool supplies for the competitive swimmer.

The Essential Supplies

  • Goggles: It’s practically impossible to be a competitive swimmer without the aid of some high quality goggles. A good pair of swim goggles helps to protect the swimmer’s eyes from the chlorine in the pool. This is especially important if you’re spending hours in the pool each day. Goggles also help the swimmer to see clearly which allows them to swim straighter, turn more efficiently, and keep an eye on the competition. They also come in an array of fun colors!
  • Practice suits:Rather than wear a normal swimsuit, the competitive swimmer can get a practice suit designed for durability. Practice suits can also give you extra drag to challenge your workout even more.
  • Caps: A cap might not seem exciting, but it is a needed accessory. Caps protect the swimmer’s hair while keeping it out of the swimmers face. Caps can also help to keep the google straps in place.
  • The swimmers competing at a high school meet strive for victoryKickboard: For quality training, a kickboard is a versatile pool supply. Kickboards are great for a swimmer to concentrate on their kicking skills while not having to worry about their upper body. In addition to focusing on form, a kickboard allows the swimmer to target the legs for an endurance workout.
  • Fins: Swimming fins aren’t just for snorkeling. Much like the kickboard, fins add resistance to the swimmer’s feet making it a more challenging workout. At the same time, fins help to increase the swimmer’s speed during practice.
  • Paddles:What fins are to the feet, paddles are to the arms. Paddles are a plastic device placed on the hands to make them look more like fins. Paddles add resistance to the pulling phase of the stroke. There are paddles that correspond to the swimming stroke. Paddles make practice more difficult, but they also help the swimmer to learn to streamline their strokes for optimal speed.
  • Pull Buoys: Pull-Buoys are a floatation device placed between the legs. It helps swimmers enhance body position during a pull set where the swimmer is concentrating on their arm stroke. It basically keeps the legs afloat and occupied.
  • Underwater mirror:An underwater mirror can be installed at the bottom of the pool or at the edge. This can help the swimmer get visual feedback on their stroke and turning technique.



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