Essential Fireplace Accessories for Winter

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Black firewood metal stand loaded with chopped beechwood logs shot on white background

Everybody loves to gather around a fire. In the summertime, whether it’s a campfire at the beach or a barbecue near the pool, people are drawn to a flame. In the wintertime, a fireplace becomes shelter from the cold. It’s a place where family and friends can gather round and talk about their day’s adventures out in the cold.

A fireplace is certainly one of life’s finest pleasures, and when you have all the right accessories to go with your fireplace, you may never want to leave the comfort of it. We at ABC Pool & Patio would like to tell you about some of the great accessories for your fireplace that just might make the coming cold months your favorite time of year.

Built-In Enclosures

Built-in enclosures are both practical and fashionable for your home. Whether for your indoor or outdoor fireplace, an enclosure adds an extra layer of protection. It also adds to the overall look of your fireplace.

Glass and Screen Doors

A happy, lively fire just loves to shoot sparks all over the place. A glass door or built-in screen not only keeps fires under control, but also provides a visual appeal. A traditional screen is great, but try picking up a glass kit or fire glass from quality manufacturers such as American Fireglass, Finishing Touch, and RH Peterson Co.

Gas Logs

For a no-fuss, quick way to that crackling fire you’ve been dreaming of all day long, a gas log works great. Look for great brands such as RH Peterson Co. and Rasmussen to get you on your way to an instant, roaring fire.

Firewood Rack

Are you a do-it-yourself, rugged type? Pick up one of the several great-looking indoor or outdoor firewood racks that are available. After all, good old hard-working tradition never goes out of style.

Don’t get caught in the cold. Pick up some of the great fireplace accessories that will keep your fire blazing and your friends and family dropping by to enjoy your cheerful fire.


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