Hosting the Best BBQ for this Super Bowl

January 24th, 2016 | By | Posted in Outdoor Furniture

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 7. That gives you just enough time to plan a Super Bowl party, but only if you start now. No matter which team you hope raises the Lombardi Trophy, there are several keys to planning a successful party. They include comfortable seating, a television set primed for the game, and delicious food. Here are some tips from ABC Pool & Patio on what you need to make your party a success:

Arrange Seating

You need plenty of seating so your guests can enjoy the game in comfort. You can show the game in one room, if you have the space, or you can broadcast the game into multiple rooms and let your guests spread out. Make certain the seating plan allows everyone to see the game and that they can easily get up and move around without disrupting other guests. Comfortable seating with easy access to snacks is a winning combination.

Add Some Decorations

The theme is football, of course. Use team colors and mascots throughout your space. One super-easy decorating idea is to get some Con-Tact chalkboard contact paper. Spread it on your table and use white chalk to draw yard lines for an instant football field. Leave the chalk on the table and let your guests design their own plays. If you have a winning team in mind, it’s easy to decorate using your team’s colors. You might also incorporate decorations that highlight the city where the game is played. This year, the game is in San Francisco, which opens up tons of delightful decorating ideas. Have fun delighting your guests with your creativity.

Set Out Some Food

You can have so much fun with Super Bowl party food. We recommend you start with some BBQ. The weather in Torrance will likely be mild the weekend of the game, so you can use your grill and your outdoor space to entertain before and after the game. Offer your guests something spicy and something mild from your grill. Finger foods work best for this type of occasion, so plan accordingly. In addition to grilled favorites, have things to dip, like chips, veggies, or fruit. The internet is crawling with football-themed food ideas, so add of a few of those to your table as well. You’ll also need beverages. Make sure you include a balance of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy all tastes.

Ultimately, the success of your Super Bowl BBQ in Torrance, CA, depends on you and your guests. A TV, a comfy place to sit, something yummy to eat, and a friendly host are all your game-day party really needs.


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