How Many Patio Heaters Do I Need?

May 13th, 2016 | By | Posted in Outdoor Furniture

In order to full enjoy your patio furniture in Torrance, CA, all year long, it’s a great idea to invest in a few patio heaters. At ABC Pool & Patio, we know that the winter weather can dip low enough that you will want some extra heat to be comfortable in your outdoor living space. How many heaters do you need?

Number of Heaters

The number of heaters you need depends on two things. First, how big is the space you need to heat? And second: what type of heater do you want? To heat a larger space, more heaters are obviously needed.

There are 3 types of heaters to choose from. A free standing heater gives off the most heat. You can heat a large area by placing these every 8 feet or so. There are also smaller tabletop units and wall mounted units. Both of these produce far less heat and can only heat a small radius of about 2-3 feet. Once you decide how much space you need and what type of heater will complement your patio furniture then you can determine how many heaters you might need.

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