How to Safely Start a Fire

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Many homeowners install fire pits in Torrance, CA, so they can enjoy relaxing evenings around the flames. Others cook their meals over an open fire for a rich, smoky flavor. However, it’s easy to be injured by a backyard fire if you aren’t careful.

Prepare Your Surroundings

Before starting a fire, examine your fire pit and the surrounding area. Make sure the pit is in good condition and is positioned well away from trees, bushes, and your home. If you have children or pets, keep them inside unless they are closely supervised by an adult.

Any time you build a fire, keep a bucket of water handy. This lets you react instantly if a spark flies out of the pit.

How to Construct Your Fire

Place your tinder–newspaper and small, dry twigs–in the center of your fire pit. Surround this with a “teepee” of kindling–sticks less than an inch in diameter. Light the tinder and let the flames catch the kindling before adding any larger pieces of wood. Continue to stack these larger pieces in a teepee or log cabin formation to allow plenty of oxygen to the base of your fire.

Many fire pits in Torrance, CA have a spark cover that you can place over your fire once it’s started to keep most sparks from flying out onto your deck.

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