The Best Cuts for Barbecuing

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We understand that finding the perfect cut of meat for a barbecue can be difficult. Though everyone has their own opinion of what cut is truly the best, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the more popular, superior meat cuts. Here are some cuts that are great for barbecuing on those warm California nights.

Denver Steak

This is a fairly new cut of meat, so it may be hard to find at most grocery stores. The butcher can always help with locating meat cuts, or cutting them by demand on site. This cut is great because it’s considered a medium-tender cut, and it has plenty of delicious marbling. These steaks cook a bit faster than other cuts because they tend to be smaller. Denver steaks are considered a high-quality cut, so they are on the more expensive side when it comes to meat.

Top Sirloin

These cuts are delicious, easy to cook, and are more budget friendly than some other high-end options. These cuts are similar to New York Strips because they come from the same area of the cow, but they are smaller and less expensive per pound. Because of this, they are a great cut to choose for a crowd.


These appetizing cuts are known for being thick and delicious. They do have a bone in them, so we recommend you serve them to family or guests that don’t mind cutting around that. These cuts can take longer to cook, so they should be cooked on indirect heat. This allows them to be cooked through, while still forming a delicious crust. These cuts are also fairly expensive, but they are sure to leave a good impression.

Barbecuing is a great alternative to cooking inside during the summer. The right cut of meat is imperative to any party or event, as it can make or break a barbecue. We propose the next time you have a BBQ in Torrance, CA, you try one of these mouthwatering meat cuts!

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