Fireplace Accessories: Making Your Fireplace Pop

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An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to a backyard with many different customization options. ABC Pool and Patio offers quite a few customization options for fireplaces, including glass doors, built in screens, gas logs, glass kits, and fire glass. Each of these options adds a beautiful and unique look to any outdoor fireplace.

There are many reasons to add customization to your outdoor fireplace, and not all are simply for looks. A fireplace door is a great option for indoor and outdoor fireplaces for many reasons. Firstly, fireplace doors are perfect for safety reasons. If you have little kids or pets, a fireplace door could be the best addition to your fireplace to keep little hands and paws from getting burned. A glass door will also constrict heat loss and keep your fire going for longer.

Built-in screens are also helpful for safety purposes because even with a glass door, your fireplace is still dangerous for children and pets. A glass door will heat up with the warmth from the fire, and will become quite hot, though not as hot as the fire. With the extra precaution of a screen, small children and pets have a few barriers to the heat of a fireplace. It also is a beautiful decoration to add to your fireplace. For built-in screens and glass doors, we can send an employee over to measure your fireplace, as well as bring ideas and styles for glass doors and screens.

Black firewood metal stand loaded with chopped beechwood logs shot on white background

When you want the look of a fireplace without the hassle of an actual fireplace, gas logs or fire glass can be great additions to your backyard. Gas logs have many benefits because they still provide the natural beauty of a fireplace, but you never have to worry about adding more firewood, or about the smoke and ash that comes with a traditional fireplace. With so many looks available on the market today, you can choose your favorite type of wood and look. We carry gas logs from RH Peterson Co and Rasmussen.

Fire glass is another great option that gives an entirely different and more modern look to your outdoor space. With fire glass, you can choose from many different colors. Fire glass is really easy to upkeep and gives off a beautiful vibrancy and color. For fire glass, we carry American Fireglass, Finishing Touch, and RH Peterson Co.

Any of the above options will make your fireplace look unique and beautiful, as well as add safety, a more modern feel, or convenience. Speak with us about improving your fireplace today!