Get the Perfect Mailbox for Your Home

Red mailbox with green wood backgroundWhen moving into a new home, many people forget to think about an important part of their front yard: the mailbox! We have hundreds of types of decorative mailboxes to choose from, ranging from sophisticated and modern to silly, and extremely basic to classic and beautiful. Along with the mailbox, there are many different ways to post a mailbox.

Whether building it into your home or gate, having it mounted on a standard mailbox post, or attaching it to the front of your home, each will give off a different and distinct look. All these different types of mailboxes and posts are available at our 20,000 square-foot showroom. For each distinct look, ABC Pool & Patio can help you choose from a wide variety of accessories and types.

But, how do you decide which mailbox is the best for your home? Let us help you choose! We love helping customers choose accessories for their house because we know from experience how products will help turn a house into a home.

Different Types of Mailboxes

So, let’s talk about the options. If you are currently building a home, you have quite a few different options of where you can place your mailbox. Some homes simply have a mail slot, and are built directly into the door of the home. For style, this is a simple option, but doesn’t offer the pleasure of having to “go get the mail.” Some mailboxes can be included to the side of the door, built into the front of the house. These, when chosen correctly, can give off a beautiful and sophisticated look. If you are including a gate around your home, you can also consider building a mailbox into the gate, depending on the type of material you would like to use for the gate.

If you don’t have the opportunity to build your mailbox into your home or gate, we have many mounted mailboxes (whether on a post or attached to the side of your front door) that would make beautiful additions to any home.

Deciding on a Mailbox

ABC Pool and Patio_Picking the Right Mailbox for Your Home_Image 2Now, when deciding on a mailbox, you must ask yourself what style you want your mailbox to reflect. Though there are very standard-looking mailboxes, there are also very unique mailboxes, designed to reflect a favorite thing; some mailboxes look like dogs, horses, cats, fish, cars, and more. Some can even be painted to reflect a favorite scene or location. And still others are extremely elaborate mailboxes with the entire animal or person created from a traditional mailbox shape. Mailboxes also come in beautiful woods, metals, and other higher-quality materials with many different shapes to really suit any style of home. All of these types are available at our showroom. We think it’s much easier to decide in person, so feel free to come to our showroom and we can help you decide between the many options.

The mailbox can be the first thing you see when you walk up to a home, so be sure to have yours reflect who you are and hint at the beauty and style of your home. Come to ABC Pool & Patio and find the perfect mailbox for you!