Patio Umbrellas

Add Comfort and Style to Your Yard

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If you have a new outdoor space, chances are that it is hot and unbearably sunny. With no chance of relief in the sun, family and friends are unlikely to hang out in the outdoors. Though there is no way to bring the air conditioning outside, there is a way to cool off your patio and add to its beauty: add an umbrella. Not only are umbrellas a beautiful addition to any space, but they protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep your family safe and cool while enjoying the outdoors.

At ABC Pool & Patio, we have many types of umbrellas to suit various needs and preferences. If you decide to purchase an umbrella for your backyard, there are many types to consider, especially depending on where you would like the umbrella to be placed. For each area of the backyard, there is a perfectly suited type of umbrella to choose from. The types we offer include center pole umbrellas, crank and tilt umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and pavilion-type umbrellas.

Center Pole Umbrellas

A center pole umbrella is your standard umbrella and is the most common type of umbrella. With the pole in the center of the umbrella, this umbrella works great if placed in the center of a table to cover the table and any other patio furniture.

Crank and Tilt Umbrellas

A crank and tilt design umbrella adds a little twist (literally) to the standard umbrella. With this umbrella, you can rotate the angle of the umbrella so that you can get more shade where you really need it.

Cantilever Umbrellas

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A cantilever umbrella is a wonderful umbrella to have if you would like to provide shade over a spot that doesn’t have a place to stand a traditional umbrella. If you’d like to shade part of your pool or hot tub, a cantilever umbrella is a great option because it can stand to the side, while still shading the pool or hot tub.

Pavilion Umbrellas

Lastly, a pavilion is a larger umbrella-type structure that stands from poles at the 4 corners of the structure. This is a much larger shaded area and is better suited when you need more shade than a smaller umbrella can provide. A day at the beach or a picnic outside might be the perfect use of this umbrella.

Though an umbrella is extremely practical, it is also a beautiful addition to your backyard. Be sure to call ABC Pool & Patio in Torrance, California, to find your perfect patio umbrella solution. We have many different colors and materials available, so you will be sure to find your perfect fit!