Essential Pool Supplies in the South Bay


Do you want to ensure your swimming pool is fun, healthy, and safe? You need the right pool supplies to keep it in the best shape. Whether you are hosting a pool party or teaching a child how to swim, ABC Pool & Patio has the essential pieces of equipment that you need.

For Pool Cleanliness

Keeping your pool clean is a big job, but having the right equipment can make it easier. We can provide the filter and the right mix of cleaning chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. Make sure you know how and when to apply these chemicals, or you can simply hire us to maintain the appropriate chemical levels in the pool. We also have pool skimmers and nets for removing debris that sits on top of the pool’s surface. A pool cover is also a must, and we offer a variety of them to fit various needs. By covering the pool whenever it’s not in use, you can prevent a lot of dirt and debris.

For Pool Safety

Water temperature gauge for swimming pools. Selective focus.

Residential pools can be a source of safe, convenient fun, but accidents can happen if you are not prepared. If you have children or anyone in your family who cannot swim by themselves, make sure the pool is supervised. When you can’t monitor the pool use, use a pool cover. For when the pool is in use, we can supply you with the appropriate life jackets, raft, and reach poll to rescue someone who needs help getting out of the water. We also have helpful paddle boards and arm floaters for teaching someone how to swim. Even if everyone in your household is a competent swimmer, you should still keep safety equipment handy, especially if you like to host parties. You never know who might need assistance!

For Pool Parties

Finally, there are plenty of pool accessories to make your swimming pool the center of the party. Some of the essentials we carry are lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas. If you want to make sure the pool water stays out of your house, then you can make sure that guests have access to whatever they need near the pool. To accommodate these needs, we offer outdoor dining tables, firepits, barbecues, and more. The other fun accessories are up to you. Whether you want to install water slides, fountains, patio heaters, and anything else that will make your backyard pool the perfect escape, we can help!