3 of the Hottest Summer BBQ Types

3 of the Hottest Summer BBQ Types

July 21st, 2016

One type of food style that the US does better than any other country is BBQ. From Memphis to New York, each section of the country has a different take on which meats to use, what flavor of sauces, and what type of fuel to cook them over. When you dust off your BBQ in Torrance, CA and get ready to grill this summer, think about experimenting with these bold flavors to keep things fresh and exciting all season long.

Southern Spice: Memphis
In Tennessee, BBQ means pork. It’s somewhat of a mystery why this is the favorite meat for grilling, but the people in Memphis love it slow roasted and pulled, or on a rack of ribs. The stand-out flavors from this region are tomato and tangy, with a hint of paprika and garlic rub. Mix up a sauce with this Southern inspiration and create your own pulled-pork sandwiches.

From the Midwest: Sticky in Kansas City
This city also loves pork BBQ but uses a thick, molasses- and ketchup-based sauce for its most famous dishes. You will want to turn your 
BBQ in Torrance, CA to a low heat and cook your meat all day when imitating this famous style of BBQ.

Go Big, Go Texas
One of the largest states in the Union loves to serve up heaping portions of brisket that have been slow-cooked over oak or pecan wood. Make sure to find great wood and smoke some of the woody flavor for a new, Texas-inspired approach to your BBQ dishes.