A Fiery Time in Torrance, CA

A Fiery Time in Torrance, CA
July 18th, 2016

A fire pit can enhance the value of your property and add another dimension to your lifestyle, depending on whether you choose a stone or brick pit or simply a tabletop model. All fire pits provide a camping-type experience in the comfort of your backyard as well as provide a degree of warmth and evening light where family and friends can gather around. Fire pits can also create a picture-perfect setting for intimate dinners or exciting outdoor parties. Also, you can cook much more than just hot dogs or s’mores—if you have a stone fireplace you can even bake a pizza on your open fire. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that fire pits in Torrance, CA, come under both the city and the Los Angeles County fire regulations, with which you should be familiar. Finally, homeowners with fire pits should be aware when a “no burn” alert has been issued to avoid any fines and to maintain safe conditions when the weather gets particularly dry. Other than that, there are many options to consider when designing your pit. Here are just a couple of ideas.

If you have a secluded spot in your yard, this could be a prime area for a fire pit, particularly if you add a seating wall with cushions or enhance the entire space with a natural garden privacy wall to create even more ambiance and seclusion. Consider adding weather-resistant chairs to provide additional seating when the number of guests exceeds the capacity. For a weatherproof fire pit, think about placing your pit under a gazebo or other protective setting. Outdoor spaces aren’t the only places for a fire pit. An enclosed screened porch or an expansive atrium that serve as gathering spots for family and friends can be the perfect place to install a built-in fire pit. Accent this setting with modern rattan furniture to provide plenty of space to relax around the fire.

A sunken fire pit surrounded by a stone or marble patio is about as stylish as they come and will make your alfresco dining and relaxing just that much more enjoyable. You can also surround that sunken fire pit instead with the green grass of a lawn to create more of a camping-type experience, as well as encompass your sunken pit with large, irregularly shaped stones. Also, remember that not all fire pits need to be lit by drawing from a cord of wood. For a cleaner, simpler approach, consider a gas fire pit that’s topped by any colorful variety of eco-glass beads. When constructing an above-ground pit, stone or brick are your typical options, though both can be used in an almost endless variety of shapes and sizes to create your perfect, individualized fire pit.

You can certainly build your own fire pit, but having an expert from a company that installs pits professionally will take all the uncertainty and effort out of putting one in. In either case, be sure that yours is in compliance with the code for fire pits in Torrance, CA, and Los Angeles County. Then enjoy!