Best Patio Patterns for the Summer

Best Patio Patterns for the Summer
July 1st, 2016

When you think of patio patterns, your first thought is probably of the plain, alternating pattern known as a stretcher bond. This may be popular amongst designers for its simplicity, but if you want an exciting patio for the summer, we suggest you consider alternate patterns to give it some flair. Here are a few popular patterns for you to consider before you visit Torrance, CA, for patio furniture to match.

If you want to keep your patio simple but don’t want something as dull as the stretcher, the herringbone might be for you. Named for its resemblance of a herring fish skeleton, this V-shaped pattern looks like a broken zigzag and is especially popular when it incorporates multiple brick colors into its design.  Since this pattern is on the plainer side, though, you’ll want to make sure you have some interesting additions to your patio, like a grill or some attractive furniture.

Cobblestones provide a rustic charm for patios or for walkways. There is some variety here, as you can have your stones in a random pattern or you can have them in straight lines or even in a circular design. The rougher look of cobblestones gives you a natural feel for your patio that lends itself to an outdoor theme. You may want to include a fire pit in a patio like this or ring it with flower beds.

Rosettes can be as simple or as complex as you want. A basic rosette has your bricks, stones, or tiles radiating out from a circular center, and ultimately forms a larger circle itself. You could even make the rosette out of cobblestone to combine a couple looks. There are other variations on the rosette to consider, too. For instance, some people like the stones fanning out but add something more intricate to the center, like a star compass.

Mixing Colors
This is a somewhat broad category that can encapsulate a number of designs. While many homeowners use only one color or use multiple shades of the same color, introducing multiple colors opens up many new possibilities. You can use contrasting colors for maximum effect, or you can pick any two colors that you like together. You could get red and gray bricks or blue and white stones. There are many attractive combinations to choose from, and you could use them to accentuate something like a basket weave pattern, or you could have one main color and one color for edging. Then you can visit 
Torrance, CA, for patio furniture that compliments your color scheme.