Best Ways to Utilize Your Fire Pit

Best Ways to Utilize Your Fire Pit
December 6th, 2015

Fire pits are a common feature in many backyards around America. Fire pits can range from a simple metal fire pit to an elaborate, built-in stone, concrete, or brick fire pit that is at ground level or elevated. Whichever kind of fire pit you use, make sure to follow important safety laws and rules. For example, you should know if there is a “no burn day” in your area to help reduce the risk of fires or pollution. Also, make sure the fire pit is well away from the home or any vegetation that could potentially catch on fire. Lastly, don’t leave the fire unattended and make sure it is completely out before you leave. A good fire pit can be used for many things to make your backyard more functional and enjoyable. At 
ABC Pool & Patio, we love a quality fire pit. Here are some of our recommendations on the best ways to use fire pits in Torrance, CA.

Harness the Heat
Fire is not only fun to watch, but it provides some powerful heat. Rather than let all that heat go to waste, you can harness it and put it to good use. Cooking over your fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy your fire pit to the fullest. You can cook a meal or a snack and then sit around and enjoy the atmosphere. Here are some of our favorite items you can cook over the fire:
  • S’mores. Is there anything better than a s’more right off the fire? Probably not. This campfire classic tastes just as good off your fire pit at home.
  • You can easily grill hot dogs or sausages on a stick over a fire for an amazing, crisp, smoky-flavored delight.
  • A whole dinner. You can even make an entire meal over the fire two different ways. First, you can wrap up meat, potatoes, and vegetables with some spices in a foil packet and toss it in the fire for a tasty, simple dinner. You can also use a Dutch oven to create a myriad of masterpieces worth trying. You can even make fruit cobblers!
  • You can buy popcorn poppers that you can roast over a flame. It’s exciting for kids to watch it pop and it’s a tasty treat on the healthier end of things.
  • Corn on the cob. All you need to do is soak the ear of corn in water, husk and all, and then toss it in the fire. Wait a bit and you’ll taste some excellent fire roasted corn on the cob.

Enjoy the Ambience
One of the best things about fire is the incredible ambience it provides. Who doesn’t love sitting and staring at the dancing flames of a fire? You can enjoy the soft light, warmth, and comfort of a fire in the privacy of your backyard. Sitting around the fire is a fantastic way to relax or spend time chatting with friends or family. It can also provide the mood for a romantic evening or a party.