Fall BBQ Party Ideas

Fall BBQ Party Ideas
October 16th, 2015

Backyard barbecues are a favorite summer pastime. But your barbecues don’t need to end with the arrival of fall. Fall brings about cooler days and evenings, fantastic smells, and plenty of reasons to throw a barbecue! We at ABC Pool & Patio would like to share some BBQ party ideas for this great time of year.

Back to School
As fall approaches, back-to-school preparations begin. You’ve finished clothes shopping, new school supplies have been purchased, and the annual pilgrimage to the school doors to find out the name of this year’s teacher has been made. Now it’s time to throw a back-to-school barbecue party! A back-to-school barbecue gives your kids the chance to bid farewell to summer and welcome in the new academic year. Invite your children’s friends, as well as their families, and enjoy kid-friendly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Organize some playground games like Red Rover and Green Light-Red Light, and finish off with some pencil-shaped cookies. Now you have a fun barbecue tradition that your kids will look forward to nearly as much as the first day of school.

College Football
Nothing says fall quite like college colors, spirited rivalries, and Saturday games. College football is the perfect reason to throw a barbecue party. Set up an outside projector and white screen, throw down some blankets and lawn chairs, and invite a group of friends over to watch the big game. Grill up some wings and bratwurst and serve tailgate style foods, like chips and dip and veggie platters. Be prepared for loud cheering, friendly competition, and a lot of fun!

Fall is the time of the harvest and brings to mind savory flavors and spice-filled smells. Why not host a harvest-themed barbecue to celebrate this lovely time of year? Decorate with fallen leaves, corn stalks, and hay bales. Simmer hot apple cider and pumpkin steamers and serve a variety of grilled vegetables and meats. Start a bonfire to keep everyone nice and toasty while they enjoy the crisp, cool fall air and this unique barbecue celebration.

Halloween is the crowning point of the fall season. It’s a time of trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and spooky celebrations. It’s also the perfect time to throw a Halloween barbecue party. You can stay with the more traditional Halloween fare of chili, hot dogs, donuts, and hot chocolate, or you can get creative and develop your own creepy menu (think spare ribs, chicken hearts, and a cauldron of bubbling brew). The decoration options are endless! Have your guests come dressed up in their best Halloween attire and be prepared to share a scary story around the fire pit. Your Halloween barbecue is sure to be the favorite party of the year.