Favorite BBQ Styles of the West Coast

Favorite BBQ Styles of the West Coast

December 9th, 2015

If you are planning to build a BBQ in Torrance, CA, then now is a really good time to take on this project. Here at ABC Pool & Patiowe are seeing some great styles coming out at the moment. You have a lot of options to consider, and all of them should give you the beauty and utility you are looking for. It will just be a matter of selecting the style that best works for your space and your needs.

The brick BBQ areas we are seeing right now are very homey and rustic looking. They offer a throwback to the old days, with the technology to give you all the convenience you are looking for.

Wood Burning
This is an option that people choose when they are crazy for the wood-burning taste in their meats and BBQ entrees. If you are someone who can easily tell the difference between a burger cooked over gas, briquettes, or wood, then this is a good option to pursue. There is a little more maintenance, but it will cost less to run and the meats will taste amazing.

This is the most popular style we are seeing. The stone can be found in many different colors and sizes, so you can find a material that will work for the look you want to achieve. The stone is great because it is very strong and can last for years and years. It also has a very high-end look to it, and can make your patio area look very luxurious.

Bar & Grill
We love putting in a fun counter or bar area along with the BBQ apparatus. This area can be used for parties, or it can be a simple serving area just for you and your family. The investment in this kind of structure will be more up front, but we find that our clients who put in an entire bar area tend to get far more use out of the investment.