At ABC Pool & Patio, we know the value of having a fire pit in your backyard. It adds incredible value to your property and your lifestyle. We’ve got tips and products that can help you get the fire pit you’ve always wanted.

Fire pits for the backyard come in a variety of designs. We have everything from built-in fire pits to freestanding pits that are portable. We can outfit you with any type of fire pit, from a bricked pit to stone fireplace to a four-legged tabletop pit. If you have a grand vision of a fire pit sprouting from the middle of a fountain, we can do that. If your vision is a more minimalistic glowing fire surrounded by benches, we can do that too.

Your fire pit will become the new center of your patio and your entire yard. Where you place the fire pit and how it is installed is important. We’ll help you design the perfect fire pit, decide where to place it in your backyard, and we’ll assist with installation to ensure its safety and durability.

Your new fire pit will provide the perfect amount of warmth and light, and it will draw you, your family, and friends to gather around it. It creates the perfect setting for intimate dinners and high energy parties. Your fire pit will create amazing ambiance, plus you can also use it for roasting! You can cook much more than hot dogs or marshmallows, too. Stone fireplaces are great for baking pizzas, and you can even use your fire to roast chicken or sear vegetables. Make the fire pit the new center of your entire evening! From dinner to dessert to catching up, a fire pit is the perfect place for all of it.

ABC Pool & Patio is committed to providing quality materials and service to our South Bay residents. We’ll answer your questions, help you design the perfect fire pit for your property, and perform a professional installation. Not only will we save you the huge time commitment of DIY fire pits, but you can rest assured in the soundness and safety of the installation for years to come. We will even assist with maintenance.

Finally, be sure to accessorize your fire pit to make it the ultimate feature for your yard. We recommend tools like pokers and tongs if you have a wood-burning fire, lighters, and roasters for giving food that smoky, fire-kissed taste. We can also accessorize your fire pit with safety grates and cooking grills. Whether you need practical or cosmetic features, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now for more information.