Keeping it Cool in the Summertime

Keeping it Cool in the Summertime
The city of Torrance, located in southern California, has a Mediterranean climate, which means summers can be quite warm. Though average July temperatures hover around 80 degrees, the city has experienced its share of days in the 90s and even those in excess of 100 degrees. That said, one should consider the peak days of summer when looking in Torrance, CA, for patio furniture.

One of the key factors in selecting that furniture is to purchase the right kind of umbrellas to cool off your patio, protect you from harmful UV rays, as well as to add some beauty and color. When it comes to selection and picking the right type, there are a couple things to keep in mind.


The size of your umbrella is crucial since it will determine how much shade you will receive. In deciding, you should think about the area of shade that you want as well as how much room you have to accommodate the umbrella. Certainly, you don’t want to overcrowd your patio with an umbrella that’s too large. Ideally, the umbrella should be the width of your table and if possible an extra 2 feet per side. As for the height, the umbrella should be high enough so that it’s out of the way and no one is hitting their head on it, but not so high that it isn’t functional. Typically, 8-foot high poles are the average and 7-foot is the recommended minimum.


Though center pole umbrellas are the most common, especially used with tables, there are other types to consider. Whether center pole or not, it’s most useful to have a tilted model so that you can continuously block the sun as it traverses from east to west and thus maintain your shade at all times. However, if you want an umbrella that can provide shade away from a table, such as over the poolside, then a freestanding, cantilevered design may be best because it can stand to the side, while still shading a pool or hot tub. However, for freestanding umbrellas, an adequate base is critical in order to hold the umbrella secure in high winds and keep them in place in sunny weather. Particularly when considering umbrellas over 10 feet, purchase the largest base you can find.

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Torrance, CA, patio furniture suppliers can work with you to ensure that you purchase the right umbrella for your needs.