When you have a great backyard or even a backyard at all, you want to use it throughout the year—despite the weather outside. But, when you live in cold weather, or even have mild winters, the thought of spending time outside at night sounds very unenjoyable. But, with the proper patio heater, you can enjoy your patio and backyard all year long.

When deciding on a patio heater, there are many different styles, sizes, and fuel types to consider. There are many different types of heaters, including floor patio heaters, tabletop patio heaters, and wall-mounted patio heaters. Each type of patio heater has a few pros and cons.

Floor Heaters
Floor patio heaters are by far the most popular type of heater, and most use propane as their fuel source. They have a large base, where the propane tank is located, which makes it easy for them to be set up anywhere without the fear of tipping over and without the need to worry about plugs. Because they are taller than other patio heaters, their heat covers a large area.

Tabletop Heaters
Tabletop patio heaters are another great option simply because they will blend easier with your outdoor furniture: most look like simple outdoor lamps. These heaters have propane or electric options and are less expensive, but they also cover less area because of their smaller size.

Wall-Mounted Heaters
Lastly, wall-mounted heaters are another good option, especially because they are mounted high and are relatively out of the way. Usually, these heaters are electric and don’t provide nearly as much heat as the other 2 options. With these heaters, the wall-mounting tools are provided, and most have the ability to direct heat in whichever way you choose to turn them.

Fuel Types
For the fuel types available, most patio heaters are propane, natural gas or electric, with the most common and effective being propane. Propane is easy to come by, with portable tanks that make it easy for you to place your heater wherever you would like. With electric heaters, they have to be plugged in, so if you don’t have outlets in your backyard, a propane heater may be your best option.

Using your backyard in the winter months is a rarity for those who prefer the warmth of inside. But, with a wonderful patio heater, you can have a beautiful outdoor space throughout the cold weather and chilly summer nights.