The Top 3 Pool Supplies to Have On-Hand

The Top 3 Pool Supplies to Have On-Hand
March 11th, 2016

When you invest in a pool, make sure that you have supplies that will help you keep it clean and fun for its entire lifetime. Whether you’re looking for the basic cleaning and balancing chemicals or something more fun, we can give you an idea of the useful pool supplies in Torrance, California, to keep on-hand.

Chemical Balance
A pool needs to have a balanced pH, calcium level, and chlorine level. If your water is too acidic or basic, you’ll have a problem with the water being irritating and not fun to swim in. Chlorine levels destroy bacteria and viruses, so you have to monitor these too. We can supply you with alkalinity and acidic products, as well as quality chlorine to keep you on track.
Keeping Dirt and Debris Away
Pool skimmers and pool covers are must haves, especially if you have a pool in an area with a lot of trees or wind. Covering your pool during the winter will keep it ready-to-go for the summer and prevent debris from blowing in.

Having Fun
More pool supplies in Torrance, California,
 that you should look into are the fun ones! Patio chairs, sun towels, and even floating devices are not necessary to have fun around and in your pool, but they can definitely increase the things you can do with yours.