Unique Fireplace Accessories for You

Unique Fireplace Accessories for You
July 13th, 2016

If you’re looking to dress up your fireplace, you may want to invest in a few fireplace accessories. Here are some of the most decorative and useful accessories.

Fire Screens
Fire screens come in different designs to give your fireplace a bit of extra flare. They can be mesh-like, or they can have larger, more ornate designs. Similarly, you can screen your fireplace with a glass door, which has the added benefit of keeping the fire going a little while longer and giving you a much-needed safety feature if you have pets or small children.

Fireplaces do not always have mantles, but these can provide decorations by themselves and also give you room for additional decorations. You can place photos or art pieces on top of the mantle, or you can get mantle hooks to hang things from. These aren’t just for Christmas stockings, either. They can be a convenient place to leave your keys or other small items that you need frequent access to.

Fireplace Tools
Not only can you find some decorative holders for your tongs and other tools proper, but wood racks provide another opportunity for you to provide some visual interest to the area. They come in different shapes and styles. Some are even multi-layered. They celebrate the winning combination of form and function, so as you’re shopping for 
fireplace accessories in Torrance, CA be sure to explore your options.