What Are the Best BBQ Supplies For?

What Are the Best BBQ Supplies For?

March 9th, 2016

If you’re one of the millions of grilling enthusiasts in the country, you’re likely rejoicing that the weather is getting warmer. When you can go outside and make smoky, delicious meals, it makes for great evenings. Besides the grill itself, there are a couple of crucial utensils and tools to make your summer grilling possible. Before the grilling season is upon us, take a look at some of the BBQ accessories in Torrance, CA, that can make your meals better than ever.

Tongs are a must. When you have large, juicy steaks or brats on the grill, keeping them turned perpetually will ensure that they are evenly cooked. Juicy meats require this sort of close attention to get them just right. You don’t, however, want to burn yourself in the process. You can use a fork or two to turn the food you’re grilling, but a good pair of tongs will keep the meat firmly gripped so that there’s no chance of it accidentally falling onto the flames or charcoal. It’s terrible to waste good meat because of a clumsy mistake, so grab some tongs that will keep your meat cooking efficiently.

Grill Brush
One of the ways that you can keep your grilling consistent is to clean your grill periodically. Over time, meat juice, melted cheese, and other cooking byproducts will start to coat the metal grates of your grill. They will start forming a film that can transfer onto the food that you’re barbecuing. The easiest way to scrape off your grill is to get a grill brush. It will typically have two sides: one a blade-like element for deeper scraping and one a set of tough wire bristles. Together, they make it much simpler to remove residue from the grate and keep your grill clean.

Shish Kabob Sticks
You don’t need to use shish kabob sticks only for making meat kabobs. Many grilling enthusiasts also use them to make combination vegetable, meat, and fruit meals. With longer kebob sticks, you can layer pieces of ham, pineapple, peppers, and onions. Your kebobs will have the benefit of a uniform smoky flavor as well as the variety of tastes of the ingredients you choose.

Marinating Dish
One of the last tools that you’ll need to get is a dish that’s big enough to marinate the steaks or other large pieces of meat overnight. A glass or metal pan will work and can be covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil when you leave it in the fridge. You can carry it out with you when you put your meat on the grill itself.